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Techna Vet Industries Inc.

Based out of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, Techna Vet Industries Inc. has been a driving force in the field of innovative support products for all animals and veterinarians.

Incorporated in 2003, we continue to research, develop and scour the globe for unique and innovative product development to introduce into the North American market. We have been currently focusing on optimizing the digestive function of all animals. We now believe we have achieved this goal by producing our amazing digestive supplements, utilizing the most advanced pre and probiotic to ever be available. Our prime active ingredient in our supplements is a novel ingredient called Turval B0399. We believe and have astounded veterinarians how our product, with this unique ingredient, excels above and beyond the other products that have been available on the market. Working with product users, stores, veterinarians, multi-national corporations and laboratories from around the globe to promote a better standard of living for all animals. We know once you try our products you will be convinced there is no others like them. We will continuously develop research and produce the newest and most advance animal health care products that we can for many years to come. Keep checking out our website regularly as there are going to be new exciting products and different updates coming.

Thank you for using and supporting Techna Vet Industries Inc. as your choice for #1 animal health care products.

Techna Vet Industries inc. is proud to sponsor the following Professionals and Athletes

        • U.S.A Ambassadors
        • Karen and Brooke Cudmore of Heartland Farms (Pro Jumper, Trainer , Bennington,NE,U.S.A)
      • Canadian Ambassadors
      • Lisa McKenzie-Mitchell - Pro shooter, Former 3 time women mounted shooting champion Canada , former U.S.A shotgun eliminator Champion
        • Donna Wnuk of Fancy Free Farm(Pro Trainer, Equestrian) BC, Canada
        • Jessa Galloway (Pro Barrel Racer), AB , SK, Canada
        • Trista Wilson (Pro Barrrel Racer) SK, AB ,Canada/U.S.A
        • Dawn Vandersteen (Pro Barrel Racer) MB, AB, SK, Canada,/ U.S.A
        • Sydney Usipiuk ( hunter /jumper ) MB , AB ,Canada
        • Ivy Tufts (Hunter/Jumper) MB, Canada

A new life long customer

Galozyme® Feline

  • Dear Techna Vet,

    I had to write you to let you know how amazing your product is. I have a Cornish Rex that is 10 years old and she has always had a sensitive stomach. She would vomit fairly regularly after eating. If you are not too aware of what a Cornish Rex looks like it definitely is not a hair ball. I tried your product on her for the last 9 months and she rarely ever vomits and has put on some more muscle and is more energetic. She outright is healthier all around. Thank you so much for making this product available for my pet. I can't stop telling other people I know who have pets to try this product.

    I recommend anyone to try your product on their pet if not to help with an ailment then just to have a healthier and happier little friend.

    A new life long customer.


    Tom Theissen

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