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This unique feed supplement in powder form is used to help achieve optimal digestion, in horses during periods of high performance Or oveall general existing health issues. It helps prevent digestive upsets, Helps Balance PH in the Hind Gut (helps reduce cases of ulcers) therefore reduce stress, helps improve the microbial flora of the large intestine, helps improve appetite, and helps impede the growth of disease-causing microbes during gastro-intestinal upsets. Galozyme® Equine Sport is used for constant working horse or horses that have never had a digestive supplement. Organic, No GMO’s

Galozyme® Equine Sport has been specifically created to supplement the daily diet of horses currently involved in competitive activities and for overall balancing digestive health. Galozyme® is suitable for adult horses, foals, colts and brood-mares alike.

Supporting bioregulation of the intestinal flora, protozoa’s and bacteria cultures of racing and/or active horses through the use of a typified lactic yeast Kluyveromyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399 (KB0399)and select fermenting soluables and enzymes.

The benefits of active lactic yeasts for healthy digestive functions in horses is well-established. Galozyme® Equine Sport is a revolutionary alternative to standard brewers’ yeast, that may benefit active horses with bio-regulation and modulation of the intestinal bacterial flora. Through a patented biotechnology production process, Galozyme® Equine Sport is coupled with balanced lactic yeast, a wide-range of cellular metabolites, amino acids, a wide range of enzymes, naturally occurring vitamins and proteins, to create a stable and effective formulation capable of unhindered penetration into the hind gut ,where horses metabolic function take place. Galozyme's® Capabilities and unique composition, makes it the most affective, newest and most advanced pre and probiotic that we know of, to date.

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Lactic yeasts have been proven to be excellent bioregulators and modulators of intestinal bacterial flora (probiotic function) particularly in young and active horses. Galozyme® Equine Sport contains the unique, typified lactic yeast culture, Kluyveromyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399 . Within this yeast cell wall, the enzyme beta-galactosidase. This unique formula and the exclusive, balanced mix of typified and selected lactic yeast, supported by a wide-range of cellular metabolites, pre and probiotic capabilities, enzymes, fermenting products and vegetable proteins, offers a significantly positive compliment to your horses feed when compared to the normal, commonly used brewers yeast (Saccharomyces Cervisiae ) or less inferior unstable bacteria.

Galozymes® unique formula with KB0399, differs considerably from standard bacterial based pre/ probiotic products using common, bacteria's and brewers yeast like Saccaromyces Cervisiae. Kluyveromyces Marxianus B0399’s external cell wall, which has a high chitin content and natural occurring Mannan-oligosaccharides,and B-Glucans allows for high replication and vitality of CFU’s even in the presence of extremely low pH values (3 - 3.5) as the yeast is highly resistant to the action of gastric juices, anaerobic environments, and in turn works to augment the pH levels to a more favorable level for the horses digestive system. This ,therefore promotes beneficial, natural occuring organisms , to thrive, yet hindering putrefying organisms. The metabolic activity of KB0399 has been shown to be more effective than that of bacterial based probiotics , as its unique active yeast:

  • Has been written up in the Applied Sciences , Microbiology journal, for immune response at the CaCao 2 cellular level .
  • is capable of fully penetrating the gastric barrier. Effectively reaching the animal's intestinal tract and continuing metabolic functions through to the hind gut; this makes it excellent for helping modulate ph levels and help heal digestive upsets , and ulcer irritation .
  • are marked by high CFU replication and implanting characteristics allowing for the growth and development of positive digestive bacteria's, protozoa’s and micro floras;
  • KB0399 also increases the production of lactic acid in the digestive tract at a higher rate than standard brewers yeasts and bacterial probiotic cultures. (producing two lactic acid molecules in the digestive tract for every glucose, carbohydrate or starch molecule) Therefore enhancing mineral /nutrient breakdown , at the same time supporting beneficial PH values, and making an unfavourable environment for putrefying bacteria .
  • KB0399 has also tested to have, proven immunity to 17 commonly used antibiotics and dewormers. This may prove, to be an asset in helping mitigate some discomfort or adverse affects caused by antibiotic therapies.
  • KB0399 has been approved for use as a probiotic of choice , in European Red cross , Hospitals , and Soldier rations of the Ministry of defence in Italy and France .

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