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Re-Zorb Plus Equine with BCAA’s (Peppermint)


A Unique blend of the higest quality ingredients and BCAA’s , to help balance electrolyte levels and help muscle recovery in athletic horses. Professionals formula

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Re- Zorb Plus with BCAA's , for equine is a unique proprietary, advanced blend of ingredients to help maintain electrolyte balance and support muscle recovery, after physical activity , transport, or during times of extreme heat .

Re-Zorb Plus Equine with BCAA's has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients , to achieve the highest and quickest absorption rate of beneficial nutrients and minerals , when your equine friend needs it most .

Re-Zorb plus Equine with BCAA's has been tested and is in use by top professional equestrians and Veterinarians . Its high palatabilty , powder form and high soluability , makes it the perfect choice for making a solution for use in a syringe or it can also just be top dressed on feed.

Its low sugar levels , make it ideal for required muscle fatigue , however still highly beneficial and useful for IR horses.

There is so much more to a complete electrolyte, then what has been currently available . Re -Zorb Plus with BCAA's uses multiple ingredients for maximum nutrient availability . Its not just sugar or salt in a container . Try Re-Zorb Plus with BCAA's to experience its high quality value. Your equine friends will love you for it

Brochure : 2023-Brochure for ReZorb Plus

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