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This lactic yeast supplement is specifically designed with the highest quality ingredients for the carnivorous canine, as well as its need for the omnivorous plant origin ingredients, with highly digestible nutrients. This Hypoallergenic formula, food supplement in powder form, for dogs, is used as a top-dressing on the daily meal to help support proper digestive function. Proper digestive function helps prevent digestive upsets during travel, food change, during pregnancy and stressful situations. It can help relieve diarrhea, help regulate appetite, help skin and coat condition, all due to supporting proper intestinal health. See the difference, your family pet will love you for it. With unique and select KB0399 lactic yeast.

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The microbic equilibrium and intestinal functions of cats and dogs are often altered by an incorrect and unbalanced diet or illness. This imbalance can cause animals to encounter serious protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies will cause an imperfect function of the gastro-intestinal apparatus which influences the general state of health, particularly during the growth and development phase of animals.

The active ingredients in Galozyme®, composed of active lactic yeasts and enzymes, aid directly in the breakdown, production, and natural metabolic processes
required for a healthy well-being. These lactic yeasts and enzymes enhance and favour the bio-regulation of the intestinal micro flora and the digestive functions of the animal.This in turn results in a more complete and balanced assimilation of nutrients. The effectiveness of probiotics made from lactic yeasts to cover nutritional deficiencies has been known for some time.

Galozyme® has increased this effectiveness by including various vitamin groups (specifically the vitamin B group which has been proven to help relieve distress amongst other physiological and aesthetic issues), as well as restoring and favouring correct intestinal functions.

However, problems regarding production and preservation have notably limited their use in the past. We have now effectively resolved these problems through the use of patented biotechnological processes of production. This process enhances the enzymatic and probiotic activity of lactic yeasts, and utilizes them to their maximum potential. These yeasts are available in our complementary feed supplement Galozyme ®. Galozyme® is able to maintain and enhance the probiotic and digestive properties of the micro-organisms far beyond any other bacterium-based pro-biotic available until now.

Galozyme® is comprised of the typified pro and pre biotic lactic yeast culture Kluyveromyces Marxianus B0399 (KB0399), B-complex vitamins and essential amino acids.

The selected, unique strain of probiotic yeast has a number of beneficial unique properties. In Vitro studies show that KB0399 has the ability to bond to the Caco-2 at a cellular level and enhance the production of cytokines. By bonding to the Caco-2 (pro and anti inflammatory) cellular level, KB0399 has shown the ability to bypass the gastric barrier and increase the immune response, from the production of cytokines. Cytokines are the information and communicating proteins that cells produce to communicate.

The cell wall of KB0399 is also made up of chitin, a natural occurring protective, polymer membrane. When the organism enters the digestive tract, the gastric juices begin to break down the chitin cell wall. This causes a fermentation process to take place which helps to augment the pH of the animal’s digestive tract to the appropriate levels (6 - 6.5).

Maintenance of an optimum pH level in the digestive tract allows for the beneficial bacteria’s, micro floras and protozoa’s to develop and thrive while also restricting the growth of enteretic (or bad) bacteria growth. By aiding the augmentation of proper ph values, this prevents pathogenic/enteretic bacteria’s from being able to reproduce, beneficial results are achieved to limit and expel toxic build up commonly found in the epidermal layer of the animals skin, liver and kidneys ( detoxifying affect).

Furthermore, KB0399 active yeast, utilizes these toxins as a food source. The yeast will micro bind the toxins, absorb any remaining nutritional value, then expel residual toxins from the body as a waste by-product. This has a dynamic result on the animal’s skin, coat and vital organs. Before the addition of Galozyme® to an animal’s diet, hair follicles that were previously feeding from a more toxic epidermal layer, have been shown to shed out. A new hair follicle will emerge that now has a new healthy, vitamin rich, food source, providing the animal with a healthier, more vibrant coat.

KB0399’s most advantageous trait is its ability to produce lactic acid directly in the digestive tract. Lactic acid is a fundamental building block for metabolizing or breaking down vitamins, calcium and other trace minerals. Lactic acid in the intestinal tract , increases metabolic activity, this helps increase the absorption of the needed vitamins and minerals required for the health and well being of the animal. KB0399 increases the lactic acid in the digestive tract by utilizing the enzymatic properties of its natural occurring enzyme Beta-galactosidase. For every glucose molecule the enzyme, comes in contact with or breaks down, it produces two lactic acid molecules. This unique action increases the nutritional viability or intake of the animal’s food source, which has positive nutritional attributes. KB0399 as well as it ability to be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapies as the yeast has a natural resistance to 19 commonly used antibiotics, making it a veterinarian’s choice of use, for their patients when using antibiotics during disease or pre and post surgery.

Our customers have seen:

  1. Stress reduction
  2. Proper weight management
  3. Positive mental stability, with increased focus
  4. Food consumption regulation
  5. proper digestive support and consistency in fecal matter
  6. Positive results in allergy prone animals
  7. quicker surgery or injury recovery

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