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For llama and alpaca

It is a daily support of digestive microflora with selected natural lactic yeast and mineral elements.

The first component for your camelid’s diet maintains and helps obtain optimum performance. It is a powerful aid in helping to prevent digestive problems.

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Galozyme® Camelid has been studied expressly to complement the daily diet of llamas and alpacas.

It has also been tested on the camelid species under the careful control of qualified veterinarians at the Ohio State University, ( Columbus) U.S.A. (product tested, Turval).

Galozyme® Camelid is a probiotic made up of a balanced mixture of lactic yeast (TURVAL B0399), natural organic products, mineral elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Co e Se) and metabolites including aminoacids, group B vitamins, enzymes, etc.

The typified selected lactic yeasts ( Turval B0399) contained in Galozyme® Camelid differ from the normally used yeasts (Saccaromyces) or lactic ferments (lactobacillis) in that they:

  • by-pass the rumens barrier, involving the abomasum and large areas of the intestines.
  • present an elevated replication capacity.
  • favour the multiplication of pre-existing protozoal flora, increasing the degradation of the food in the stomach compartments.
  • aid in maintaining a correct pH value during the phases of rumination and pasturing.
  • defend the micro-ruminal flora during antibiotic therapy.

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