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Galozyme® for Companion Animals

Galozyme® for all types of companion animals has come from years of research and unique formulations. Using Galozyme® for Dogs, Cats, Birds and llama or Alpacas has proven to be the next step in Biotechnology advancements in the companion animal probiotic field. Galozyme® uses a unique lactic yeast (KB0399) instead of the conventional bacterial based, probiotics on the market today. This unique ingredient has amazing properties that have been shown to bind micro toxins, resist gastric acids, resist antibiotics, reduce inflammation in the gastral intestinal system, and uniquely perform a mode of action within the system like no other product available today. Galozyme® is the only probiotic that is effective throughout the entire

digestive system where most probiotics fall short. Our Customers have seen amazing response from our different formulas, from better skin and coats, to more mental awareness/attitude, better weight management, less digestive disorders and of course overall health and appearance.

From small to large dogs, cats, llamas, alpacas and birds, we have had great success in helping your family friend have the comfortable healthy life style that they deserve. Try one of our Galozyme® formulas today and see the difference. Your pets will show the difference.

  • Galozyme® Camelid

    This Lactic yeast feed supplement, in powder form, is extremely beneficial to help support optimal digestion in camels during periods of transition, high production, feed change, digestive upsets and antibiotic…
  • Galozyme® Canine

    This lactic yeast supplement is specifically designed with the highest quality ingredients for the carnivorous canine, as well as its need for the omnivorous plant origin ingredients, with highly digestible…
  • Galozyme® Canine Joint Care

    Galozyme® Canine Joint Care is a unique blend of our biologically advanced Galozyme® Canine, coupled with a blend of nutrients, vitamins, and proven high quality, joint support ingredients. The coupling of…

They are doing fantastic!

Galozyme® Canine

  • One of my GSD has been troubled for several years with allergies that have required medication etc... he is fed a high quality diet, however even with medication he constantly scratched and his coat quality was very poor. Often during the winter and summer months he would have loss of hair and skin infections. He was slowly introduced to this supplement and the change has been truly remarkable - he is no longer scratching and has a full coat and the real miracle is he has been taken off the allergy medication and doing fabulous. I am very grateful that his quality of life has improved. My other GSD's who don't have allergies are on this product and they are doing fantastic on this product.
    Christine AProfessional German Shepard Handler /Show Dogs

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