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Kluyvermyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399

Turval KB0399

Kluyveromyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399
(Lactic acid producing Yeast)

Viable Yeast supplement for Swine, poultry and Dairy Cattle feeds The probiotic yeast culture Kluyverormyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399 when added to the daily feed rations of production animals has a dramatic effect on the overall production and well being of the animals. Our customers are constantly seeing the difference in their production from overall health and welfare to more return in their profits. Our product is one of only products in the world that researchers have shown to be highly adhesive to enterocyte-like Caco-2 cells , therefore demonstrating its capacity to possibly stimulate the intestinal epithelium (enterocytes) and capable of colonizing the digestive system. Research has also shown its potential to modulate the immune response by acting on cytokines (pro and anti- inflammatory).

These molecules are part of the system by which cells communicate. The pro-inflammatory cytokines are produced by cells subject to inflammatory stimulus (like disease, malnourishment and excess loss of energy reserve). Anti-inflammatory cytokines are a result of production from healthy cells. A balance of both has been known to prove the best overall health benefits. In a sick person or animal, pro-inflammatory cytokines are in a larger or majority volume.

Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399 has shown to induce a reduction in the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This has been demonstrated in vitro models inducing inflammatory stimulus (LPS) to the cells representing the intestinal tissue cells (PBMCs and Caco-2).

KB0399 has been proven non GMO, Natural and one of the most advanced, typified, Genome sequenced product available on the market today.

KB0399 has also proven to have antibiotic resistance to many of the most commonly used antibiotics in production. Therefore even under common antibiotic therapy, KB0399 is still capable of maintaining its natural action and Lactic acid production.

Years of research and development shows the endless potential for this now commercially available, patented production process ingredient. That’s why it is also the main ingredient in all our companion animal products too, proving over and over its unlimited potential. See for yourself, don’t take our word for it.

Call for Pricing Available in 2.5 kg and 25 kg options
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You be the judge


  • Everyone has a miracle cure these days and its hard to determine fact and fiction. When I was told about Galozyme © Bovine I said, "I don’t buy anything without trying it first. We all have those cows that milk themselves to death and we fed Galozyme © Bovine on their ration twice a day. As I was away for 2 weeks, I never saw them for that period. Upon returning one would never know they were the same animal, they never looked back from that point. From there we used it on the sluggish and then on the good calves we had faith in. Did it make a difference on the calves? I can't say for sure, other than the one heifer has been nominated all American 2 times, all Canadian one time, All western and reserve all Western... Now as a 2 year old went 87 points, 19 days fresh. You be the judge. For me it works!
    Robert Crowe Robert Crowe Erinbrett Holsteins

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