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Turval 500/ KB0399

Kluyveromyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399
(Lactic acid producing Yeast)

Viable Yeast supplement for Swine, poultry and Dairy Cattle feeds The probiotic yeast culture Kluyverormyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399 when added to the daily feed rations of production animals has a dramatic effect on the overall production and well being of the animals. Our customers are constantly seeing the difference in their production from overall health and welfare to more return in their profits. Our product is one of only products in the world that researchers have shown to be highly adhesive to enterocyte-like Caco-2 cells , therefore demonstrating its capacity to possibly stimulate the intestinal epithelium (enterocytes) and capable of colonizing the digestive system. Research has also shown its potential to modulate the immune response by acting on cytokines (pro and anti- inflammatory).

Call for Pricing Available in 2.5 kg and 25 kg options


Trials: Swine
Trials: Poultry
Trials: Cattle


Product Specifications: Download PDF document
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No GMO’s, Organic Approved

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2.5 kg, 25 kg

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