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  • Easy Vite

    An Easy to use, first of its kind nutritious, large pellet form supplement. Used as a source of Vitamins A, D, E and Zinc. This highly nutritious and palatable supplement…
  • Galozyme® Equine Treat

    Out of Canada sales only* Highly palatable, large pellets treat, for your Equine friend. This product was developed for the most recognized, competitive horses in the world in mind. Its…
  • Galozyme® Canine

    This lactic yeast supplement is specifically designed with the highest quality ingredients for the carnivorous canine, as well as its need for the omnivorous plant origin ingredients, with highly digestible…
  • Turval 500/ KB0399

    Kluyveromyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399 (Lactic acid producing Yeast) Viable Yeast supplement for Swine, poultry and Dairy Cattle feeds The probiotic yeast culture Kluyverormyces Marxianus Vander Walt B0399 when added…

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